Sample Santa Letter - for Older Kids 

You may not be sure whether they still believe, but every kid or teen will

love to receive their own personal letter from Santa Claus.

JRR Tolkein, well known for his Hobbit & Lord of the Rings stories,  kept all the amazing and creative illustrated letters that his growing family received from Father Christmas at the North Pole - very imaginative they are too.  They feature characters such as the Polar Bear, Father Christmas's helper, the Snow Man and Ilbereth the elf.

Here's a sample letter for the older child inspired by Tolkein's style:-

"My dear {child's name},

It seems that the elves have lost your letter to me this year, least ways I am unable to find it amongst this years pile of mail.

So it will be interesting trying to guess what you would like this Christmas,  I hope that I find something that you like, after all, I know you're growing up and everything.

The good news is that in spite of the economic problems around the world, that we at the North Pole are relatively unaffected.  Of course, we find ourselves on a tighter budget than usual, but this has just meant that the elves and Mrs Santa have had to cook up some great ideas and be more creative than usual.

After my long journey on Christmas Eve I am planning a big holiday, packing my shorts and sunglasses and heading off to the sun for a month!

I do so hope and wish that you will have a wonderful Christmas this year and won't forget to write to me next year.

So, I send you much love from myself and all the elves & Rudolf himself,

Love from

Santa Claus.

P.S.  I hope you don't mind me including this letter with your presents, as the post has been a little crazy here and I thought it may not arrive in time"


Please feel free to change, amend or update the text in any way that makes it more personal for you child or children.